This is me & what I do

​​I create each textile artwork from one of my original drawings.  The process begins with the image separated into its component parts. Then I transfer these individual elements to pieces of delicate fabric sourced from second-hand silk ties.  They are then reassembled & machine-stitch appliquéd with fine thread to the background fabric. 

My artwork from recycled silk ties is inspired by the natural world, particularly insects, whose forms and colours lend themselves so well to reinterpretation using the physically fragile but visually vibrant silk.

Jayney 2.jpg
Ruby-tailed wasp

Ruby-tailed wasp

If you'd like to see my work, and are interested in buying a piece, it is sometimes available through selling exhibitions.  Please go to EXHIBITIONS to see if any of my artwork is currently on show & where.  You can also send me a message by clicking here.  

Digital Sketch by Stan Dickinson